Paper on Energy Literacy accepted to international CSR

Co-authors of the paper are Katja Krasko Štebljaj, ELES, Marko Marhl, University of Maribor and Tomaž Žagar, ARAO.

The paper discusses how and why different stakeholders from the energy field (e.g. energy industry, decision-makers, research and academic institutions, NGO's etc.) position energy literacy as a key part of their CSR and/or sustainability agenda. It shows how different principles of energy literacy are taken into account and incorporated in stakeholder's communication activities.

Theoretical part of the paper is complemented with a case-study presentation of the EN-LITE (ENergy LITEracy) project that was developed in Slovenia in 2013 and is since then implemented by the paper's co-authors. EN-LITE's mission, results and further plans are presented and discussed from the project's stakeholders CSR agenda viewpoint, supported in detail by a presentation of ELES's (Slovene transmission system operator) strategic position towards energy literacy.

CSRCOM Conference will take place in Ljubljana from 17. to 18. September 2015. Find more information about conference here.

About project EN-LITE here.