We cooperate at the development of Rudy, City Rent a Trolley.

Rudy was developed by Dejan Kos, Klemen Smrtnik, Urša Vrhunc and Mima Suhadolc in partnership with Interseroh d.o.o. and Consensus d.o.o. as a part of BIO50 initiative for the purpose of lowering burden for all members of tribes that use car free urban spaces. You can see Rudy at the exhibition BIO 50 in Modern Gallery, Ljubljana.

Rudy is upgrading all conscious green environments as a friend, that is 90% produced from recycled plastic material named procyclen® product unprecedented in an industry with characteristic of virgin material processed within recycled-resource®, the unique closed- loop method developed in the ALBA Group as a recycling process that turns impure low-quality mixed municipal plastic wastes into high-quality tailor-made compounds without compromising quality.